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ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 081 mixed by Bek + Guestmix by Herr Oppermann

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Welcome to the July edition of EF Podcast with catalogue number 081! In the middle of northern european summer we are happy to have Tach & Nacht and Rappelkiste artist Herr Oppermann featured on the guestmix duties this month. He is well known in Hamburg, played numerous gigs in the last years and is part of the label Tach & Nacht, which were founded by the club owners of Fundbureau some years ago. The Resident mix has been delivered by Bek in the first hour of this episode. Make sure to listen to the july episode of the EF Podcast!


Willkommen zur Juli-Ausgabe des EF Podcasts mit der Katalognummer 081. MItten im nordeuropäischen Sommer freuen wir uns Tach & Nacht und Rappelkiste Künstler Herr Oppermann für den Guestmix in dieser Ausgabe gewonnen zu haben. In Hamburg ist er ein bunter Hund mit zahllosen Gigs in den letzten Jahren. Er ist ebenso Teil des Tach & Nacht Labels, welches vor einigen Jahren von den Betreibern des Fundbureau Clubs gegründet wurde. Der Resident Mix in Stunde 1 wurde von Bek abgeliefert. Verpasst nicht die Juli-Ausgabe des EF Podcasts!

Hour 1 mixed by Bek

01. Akasha Soundsystem - Shade
02. Akasha Soundsystem - Speculum
03. Piek & Fabel - Despertar (Henry Saiz Remix)
04. Robot Koch & Chi Thanh - Nebula
05. Audiojack - Spirit
06. &ME - Avalon
07. Damian Lazarus & Ancient Moons - I Found You (Black Coffee Remix)
08. David Keno & Kollektiv Ost - Tabula Rasa
09. Luzon - The Baguio Track (Victor Ruiz Remix)
10. Dominik Eulberg & Essay - Dream Machine


Hour 2 mixed by Herr Oppermann

01 Cristoph & Jeremy Olander - Last Dance (Original Mix)
02 Definition - Vision (feat. Thomas Gandey)
03 Moonwalk, Teenage Mutants - Odensa
04 Peter Makto & Gregory S - Truth Seeker
05 Gorge - Hidaya (Original Mix)
06 Khainz - Planemos (Original Mix)
07 The Cheapers - Shithole
08 Alex Stein, K.A.L.I.L - Control (Victor Ruiz remix)
09 Moonwalk - Echoes (Original Mix)
10 Dennis Cruz - Get Freaky (Original Mix)
11 DJ T. - Try to Understand (&Me Remix)

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