About the ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast

This is the monthly podcast hosted by the ELECTRIC FABRIC resident DJs.
From Deep/Tech-House & Trance to Electro, Drum&Bass and more - we love to show you all the eclectic styles of electronic music out there!

ELECTRIC FABRIC (or in short: "EF") is a group of DJs, producers, event organizers and general music lovers from Hamburg, Germany. Aside from these monthly podcasts, we provide a webradio playlist on laut.fm, news & gossip about EDM on our Facebook page and even an App for iPhone & iPad.

And if that's not enough, from time to time we also run our own clubnights in Hamburg, where we showcase the diversity of electronic music - a journey through the styles of our resident DJs!

If you want to be connected with EF, check our profiles on the top right, or go straight to our Website.

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ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 091 mixed by Hendrik

ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 091 mixed by Hendrik

Hello everybody,

please be invited to enjoy my latest Techno Mix. 25 nice tracks, almost free of any melody, but with some nice ACID 303 tunes. Have fun!

1 - Gra (Original Mix) - Kolsch
2 - Keep Up feat. Richard Judge (Club Mix) - Noir
3 - Acid (Original Mix) - Victor Ruiz
4 - On-Off (Inhale-Exhale) (Original Mix) - Thomas Schumacher
5 - In Silence (Original Mix) - Amelie Lens
6 - Deadlock (Original Mix) - Darren Emerson
7 - Follow (Original Mix) - Amelie Lens
8 - Get Enough (Original Mix) - Kaiserdisco
9 - Kratos (Original Mix) - Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants
10 - Toleranz (Original Mix) - Kaiserdisco
11 - Kicks (Original Mix) - Metodi Hristov
12 - Sirius (Original Mix) - Metodi Hristov
13 - Underground (Original Mix) - DJ Boris
14 - On The Corner (Original Mix) - Solardo
15 - You Will Find It (Original Mix) - Skober
16 - GameOvr (Original Mix) - Sasha
17 - Even Flow (Kaiserdisco Remix) - Arjun Vagale, Ramiro Lopez
18 - Suzi in Transe (Original Mix) - ANNA
19 - Phantom Limb (Original Mix) - Cleric
20 - On & On (Original Mix) - DJ Boris
21 - Transient (Coyu Raw Mix) - Marla Singer
22 - Sunday Morning (Carlo Lio Remix) - Pirupa
23 - Evolvement (Original Mix) - Rudosa
24 - Wake Up (Original Mix) - Thomas Schumacher
25 - The Prestige (Original Mix) - Mario Ochoa
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ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 089 mixed by NiKo & Guestmix by Di Anna Ho

ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 089 mixed by NiKo & Guestmix by Di Anna Ho

Hamburg meets Homberg! The April podcast comes along with deep sounds to start this year's open air season. And for this purpose NiKo gained support by a female newcomer from Homberg (Efze): Di Anna Ho. She completes episode N° 089 with some beautiful deephouse beats in the second hour!

Get ready for Summer 2018 and enjoy the vibes!


Hamburg trifft Homberg! Der April Podcast kommt zum Start der diesjährigen Open-Air-Saison mit deepen Klängen daher. Und für diesen Zweck hat sich NiKo Verstärkung von einem weiblichen Newcomer aus Homberg (Efze) geholt: Di Anna Ho. Sie komplettiert die Episode N° 089 mit ein paar schönen Deep House Beats in der zweiten Stunde!

Macht Euch bereit für Sommer 2018 und genießt die Vibes!

Part 1 - mixed by NiKo

01. Lessovsky - Nostrum [Crossfrontier Audio]
02. Budakid & Jonas Saalbach - Nautique [Days like Nights]
03. Henry Saiz - September [Natura Sonoris]
04. TD - Babyface [Manual]
05. Jody Wisternoff feats. Hendrik Burkhard - For All Time [anjunadeep]
06. Yotto & You Are Me feat. CAPS - Anything About You [SoSure]
07. Jeremy Olander - Araoz [anjunadeep]
08. Amari & Nico Morano feat. Jinadu - Desire [Days like Nights]
09. Prosper Rek - Tribulation [Days like Nights]
10. Rauschhaus - Folded Skies [Einmusika]
11. Marst - Insane [Bedrock]
12. Doctor Dru - Mind Parade [Jeudi]

Part 2 - mixed by Di Anna Ho

01. Sebastien Leger - Dida (Original Version)
02. Hostox - Wings to Paradise
03. YokoO, Retza - Euneirophrenia (Original Mix)
04. Gab Rhome - Venus (Original Mix)
05. Sebastien Leger - Lost Miracle (Original Version)
06. Robosonic - Drowning feat. Son Little (Djuma Soundsystem Remix)
07. Eagles & Butterflies - The Last Dance (Sunrise Remix)
08. George Vala - 11:41 (Dub Mix)
09. Serge Devant, Camille Safiya, Damiano C - Thinking Of You feat. Camille Safiya (Original Mix)
10. Noraj Cue - Story At The Campfire (Be Svendsen Remix)
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ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 088 mixed by Bek

ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 088 mixed by Bek

Episode 088 of our EF Podcast is ready to stream! After a month where we had to skip a new episode (sorry!), we are now back with a extended 2 hour resident mix by our one and only Bek. The mix features a lot of new material, even the fresh release "High and Dry" by Bek himself. The Set reflects a range from trippy deeper stuff to Techno bangers at the end. Wonder how you can bring this together? Listen now.


Episode 088 des EF Podcasts steht ab sofort wie gewohnt zum streamen und Donwload bereit! Nachdem wir leider im letzten Monat keinen Podcast anbieten konnten, sind wir nun mit einem 2 Stunden Extended Resident Mix von Bek zurück. Der Mix enthält viel neues Material, u.a. das neue Release "High and Dry" vom Mixmaster diesen Monats. Das Set reflektiert eine musikalische Reise von deeperen Klängen bis zu Techno am Ende. Interessiert wie das zusammenpasst? Einfach loslegen.

Hour 1 + 2 mixed by Bek

01. Hammer - Atlantic 252
02. &ME, Rampa, Adam Port - Guilt Trip (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)
03. Bek - High and Dry
04. Yotto - Isolation
05. Alessio Pagliaroli - Colour my Vision
06. John Monkman - INAWIO
07. Niconé & David Hasert - Adulte Dunkeln
08. Margot - Amore a Bordo Pista
09. Felix da Housecat & Clarian feat. Agata - Energy
10. DJ Hell - Anything, Anytime (Dubspeeka Remix)
11. Adriatique - Ray
12. Just Her - Electric
13. Anna - Hidden Beauties
14. ARTBAT - Prometheus
15. MIcrotrauma - Vona 1.2
16. My Flower - Kundal
17. Steve Bug & Cle - Voodoo (Reset Robot Remix)
18. The Yellowheads - Submerged
19. Loco & Jam - Cluster Flux
20. Sasha & Alan Fitzpatrick - El Jefe (Version 1)
21. Spartaque - Taboo Cream
22. Tuff City Kids - Thorarium
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ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 087 mixed by Hendrik

ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 087 mixed by Hendrik

Hello, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

New podcast available with a nice and smooth Techno Playlist:
1 - Sol (Original Mix) - Julian Wassermann
2 - Zeit (Original Mix) - Alex Stein
3 - Magnetic Dog (Trevino Remix) - Alan Fitzpatrick
4 - Stabbed In The Back (ANNA Remix) - Tiga, Audion, Tiga VS Audion
5 - Breathe (Timmo Rework) - Clint Stewart
6 - Moon Rocks (Original Mix) - Enrico Sangiuliano
7 - Black Beauty (Original Mix) - Hidden Empire
8 - Provident (Victor Ruiz Remix) - Felix Krocher
9 - Cobra (Original Mix) - Kaiserdisco
10 - Mauve (Original Mix) - Karotte, Kaiserdisco
11 - Inside Out (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) - Victor Ruiz, Drunken Kong
12 - Gemination (Original Mix) - Michael Mayer, Kolsch, Michael Mayer & Kölsch
13 - Caribic Royal (Bart Skils Remix) - Marcus Meinhardt, Khainz
14 - Juniper (Original Mix) - Matador
15 - Gra (Original Mix) - Kolsch
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ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 086 mixed by NiKo

ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 086 mixed by NiKo

Die letzte Episode des Jahres von unserem geliebten Podcast kommt von Niko, unserem Wanderer zwischen den Welten aus Trance, Deep House und Acid. Und da der düsterste Style für die düsterste Jahreszeit natürlich Acid ist, kommt diese spezielle Episode eben genau so düster und mystisch daher – prall gefüllt mit blubberden 303 Klängen!

Und das ist noch nicht alles: für alle Acid-Jünger da draußen, die noch nicht mitbekommen haben, dass A*S*Y*S erst kürzlich ein neues Album rausgebracht hat, enthält dieser Podcast außerdem drei Tracks von diesem Album mit Titel "Grand Theft Acid (Part 1)"!

Also verdunkelt Eure Sinne und füllt Eure Ohren mit Acid!


The final episode of this year's podcast is brought to you by Niko, our hiker between the worlds of Trance, Deep House and Acid. The darkest style for the darkest time of the year is of course Acid. And so this episode is a special dark and mystic one, filled with blubbering 303 noises!

And that's not all: for all Acid lovers out there who haven't noticed yet that A*S*Y*S has released a new album recently, this podcast contains three tracks of that album "Grand Theft Acid (Part 1)"!

Darken your minds and fill your ears with Acid!

01. Christian Smith - Destination Unknown
02. Robert Mycer - Don't Forget To Go Home (Hassan Abou Alam Interpretation)
03. Davis & Zopelar - Metallum
04. Christian Smith - Subzero
05. T & P, Tim Sweeney & Lauer - Hail Falls
06. Ori Undo - ACIDO
07. Agent! - Alien Nation (Andre Salata Remix)
08. A*S*Y*S - The Beautiful Thing
09. Klangkuenstler - Exodia
10. Erase Me - Sumus
11. Audiojack - Oxytocin
12. Circle Of Life - Blue Bird (Reinier Zonneveld's Filth On Acid Remix)
13. Thomas Schumacher - Unconfused
14. A*S*Y*S - Acid Machine
15. Healium - 303 - Acid (Gendefekt Remix)
16. A*S*Y*S - Grand Theft Acid
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